Juan. Tú. Three. Hit Me! (Welcome To L. Jefe, EK)

If I was Soul Brother #1, a la James Brown, I would inevitably start off a show saying, “Juan. Tú. Three. Hit me!” Well, since I gave up that dream at the end of the Reagan administration, I might as well start my first blog with that title.  Yes, I’m living vicariously through myself. 

I will be your jungle cruise guide through cyberspace.  If that conjures up fear of fighting off hippos at the happiest place on earth, just think of me as your trusted anchor at CNN (Chicano News y Novelas).  Just know that I am here to help you help me help you.  It’s the circle of life.

Have fun swimming through the currents of my mind.  Most of all, relax and enjoy…it’s only the internet.  L. Jefe has spoken. 

*Poquito mas: L. Jefe is just your regular Mexican-American who enjoys this ride (in a tricked out ranfla, of course) we call life. Many have deemed my takes on “la vida loca” as insightful, poignant and other fancy adjectives. Oh, and when I say “Many”, I am referring to the voices in my cabeza.


3 responses to “Juan. Tú. Three. Hit Me! (Welcome To L. Jefe, EK)

  1. I hope this is a wild and crazy ride with insight and depth that is mind/thought provoking! Remember when you put it out there it is out there so stand by it. Good luck and most of all have fun with it!!

  2. You’re off to a great start Jefe…keep it up. Excited to see what else is in store for you and your site. :D

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