Gone Fishing

Anonymous wrote:

I’m really attracted to a co-worker but I just found out he’s married but he doesn’t wear a ring.  Why do certain men who are married not wear their rings?

Anonymous, like the late-great Marvin Gaye once said, What’s goin’ on?  En serio, what’s really going on at your jale?  How did you find out about his vieja?  Did you go all Inspector Gadget and snoop around?  Just curious is all. 

 There are all kinds of reasons why men don’t wear their rings at work.  Construction workers and professional athletes come to mind but outside of that, it’s hard to say.  I’m sure homeboy has a valid reason…if he were living on Fantasy Island.   Smiles, everyone!  Smiles!

That vato is definitely fishing.  What I mean by that is he has put out a line with himself as bait.  He’ll see if he can get a nibble here or a nibble there.  What he doesn’t realize is that he’ll hook something that might just take him under.  It’s definitely dangerous waters if you catch my drift.  If not, then I’ll draw you some pictures.  En serio, I don’t mind.

I’m not a jewelry guy when it comes to rings, watches or necklaces.  Yes, I  used to floss a gold chain and cross back in the day but I never dug rings.  I’m going to dread wearing a wedding ring only becuase of the discomfort.  But guess what?  I’m going to wear it because it’s the right thing to do.  It’s suppose to be a reminder of a promise that I love somebody and they love me.

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