Que Celoso!

Surfing in paradise must be rough

I’m not one to envy much but some friends just came back from a Hawaiian trip and the pictures they posted got me a little…chartreuse. (Que fancy word, chartreuse.  Gracias, Coby)

Anywados, as I was saying, I was green with envy at the pictures that were taken and the fact that they took snorkeling lessons (prior to their trip).  The beauty of nature both below the ocean and around the island was breathtaking!  Thanks for the invite, by the way.

What’s even more profound to me is the simplicity of which my photog friend, Joe Ash, uses his eyes to set up beautiful compostions.  I fancy myself an artist, as I do paint and draw, and I appreciate the artistry of capturing life through a camera lense.  Anybody can snap away and take a picture but those who are dedicated to their craft set up the frame by seeing more than just the obvious.  Composition is not just whats in front of them, it’s what’s inside.

I’d like to thank Mr. Joe (gracias for the Hawaii invite) Ash, for allowing me to use the photo up above.  Please check out his web site at:  www.ash-photos.com

Did I mention I was bitter that I didn’t get an invite?

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