Baseball y Familia

My familia is very competitive.  We can talk trash with the best of them.  There is a divide among a lot of the primos when it comes to baseball.  A lot of us are Angel fans and there are others who are Doyer fans.  In between are a few of our Puerto Rican cousins who are Yankee fans.  I won’t mention any names but they rhyme with Cheyenne and Desiree.  My prima, Moni, is a huge Doyer fan and it’s quite fun talking baseball with her.  Her brother, Eddie, on the other hand, well…there’s definitely trash talk when we get together but I love him!  

Needless to say I was very saddened by the tragic events that took place at Chavez Ravine a few weeks ago.  The senseless attack on Giant fan, Bryan Stow, by two Doyer fans really upset me.  My heart breaks for the Stow family.  I can’t even fathom what it is they are going through. 

To me, baseball games are about family.  Most of the time when I do go to a game, it’s with family.  I love going to a game and seeing youngsters with eyes wide in anticipation of seeing their favorite player.  It reminds me of times when my pops took me and my older brother to games.  There is something therapeutic when a son goes to a ball game with his father. 

I’ve been to games where I’ve gotten into some friendly banter with opposing team’s fans.  There was an Angels/Red Sox game, in particular, where me and a Sox fan kept our section entertained with our back and forth smack talk.  You know what happened at the end of the game?  We shook hands and traded pleasantries. 

We as fans have got to remember that it’s just a game.  It’s a sad commentary on our society when two cowards attack somebody from behind simply because they were sporting a different uniform. 

I’m praying for you, Bryan Stow.  I’m also praying that they catch those two idiots and that justice prevails.


2 responses to “Baseball y Familia

  1. I view the baseball field as a sanctuary almost a religious experience. A place where one can go to get away from the daily rigors of life. With thatsaid it can be a place of friendly bantar with oppossing fans to give it back and forth. Senseless assault speaks to the moral and social decline of our world! With that said these morons will not stop me from taking my kids to the ballpark and enjoying the national pasttime as my parents took me! All the good people out there please go to your local ballgames and be kind to each other and show the world what kindness is about.

  2. You speak my language, James. I couldn’t agree more with what you just said. Baseball is definitely a bond that brings not only family but great friends together.

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