Good Morning, Bulls! You Woke Up In Time.

The NBA playoffs began today with Los Bulls playing Los Pacers.  In what appeared to be a lopsided matchup (on paper), the Pacers had streaked out to 10 point leads throughout the first and second half.  I don’t think los Bulls were  playing that bad.  They just seemed like they were sleep walking a bit.  Maybe they thought Indiana would just roll over.  Give los Pacers some credit, though.  Indiana was playing with more fire and energy.  Good for them.  That is what the playoffs are all about.

In a scene straight out of the 80’s, Tyler Hansbrough committed a hard but very legal foul.  Luol Deng took exception and pushed Hansbrough.  That brought a technical foul but what ensued surprised everyone that knows the low key Deng.  With a scowl on his face, he began to implore the Chicago faithful to rise up and they responded.  Thankfully for them, so did los Bulls.

Chicago finally caught los Pacers on a Derrick Rose floater then took the lead on a Kyle (Don’t call me Ashton) Korver three.  Game over.  Indiana looked lost the rest of the final 48 seconds.

I’m glad los Bulls finally woke up and started playing the way they are capable of playing.  They have, in my opinion, the league MVP in Rose and the best record in the league.  Yes, they are somewhat young but they’ve been in the playoffs the last three years so this isn’t anything new.  The only thing new are high expectations to make it to the conference and even the NBA finals.  Here’s to hoping they don’t disappoint.

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