Oh Bother!

Monique from Chandler, AZ wrote:

I’m trying to get my best friend out into the dating scene again. He had a hard time getting over his ex and it’s been over a year since that ended. He’s very quiet but once you get to know him he’s quite funny. Not too many people see it because he comes off distant and some what moody. I know he’s a great guy but I wish he’d quit being a downer sometimes. He complains that women are complicated and that he’ll never find the right one. How do I get him out there again?

Monique, Henry Ford once said: Whether you think that you can or that you can’t, you are usually right. I am a firm believer in Señor Ford’s maxim which is why I’m a Mex-I-Can and not a Mex-I-Can’t. If your amigo thinks he’ll never find the right one then guess what – he won’t!

We’ve all gone through our shares of heartache and pain but that’s part of life. Your homie needs to deal with it and let that crap go. It’s been over a year since he and his ex parted? Tell that vato to get over it because she’s not coming back. Maybe his being distant and moody was a sign for her to kick rocks. He’s not helping his cause being a Debbie Downer either. His complaints about women being complicated are ridiculous because he’s stating what we all know to be true. Gracias, Captain Obvious.

You know him better than I do but it appears to me that he suffers from something I call Eeyor Syndrome. I know a few people who suffer from this dreaded disease. They pout and complain that things aren’t going right or that they’re alone. A lot of times it’s done out of self pity/loathing in hopes that they can garner some sympathy. What they really need is a good kick in the nalgas with some steel toed boots. Nobody wants to be around that sad sack of sox parade. He won’t do anybody any good (nor himself) until he changes his outlook on life and his own self image.

I’d be careful to rush him out into the ocean with all those fish. At the rate he’s going, he’d just be a bottom dweller and we all know how it can be down there; very dark and very dreary. Hopefully, you can help him understand that life is great if he takes his eyes off himself and sees the beauty around. There’s a lot to be grateful for and life is worth the bother.

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