Note to Doyers: Help is on the way

A collective sigh of relief was heard around Chavez Ravine as MLB Commissioner, Bud Selig, announced that he will appoint a trustee to oversee all aspects of the business and the day-to-day operations of the club.  Los Doyers, their fans and most cholos of the greater Los Angeles area, have to applaud this move because their menso of an owner, Frank McCourt, had almost single-handedly ruined one of baseball’s most iconic teams.

McCourt has become the poster child for how not to run a professional sports team. From his very public and dirty divorce proceedings; to his dealing with (or lack thereof) complaints from fans and residents around Doyer Stadium about security; and his mismanagement of the front office and finances – McCourt has paralyzed a once proud team.  The early season lack of attendance at home games is a tell tale sign of just how bad things have gotten.

So where does the Blue Crew go from here?  On the field, they are sporting a mediocre team.  They have good players in Andre Ethier, Rafeal Furcal and Matt Kemp, just to name a few.  I can  imagine it’s frustrating as a player when you see the owner bumble around and be so disconnected from the game, the fans and at times reality.  Who comes in to right the ship as a new owner?

 I, for one, can see Magic Johnson stepping in.  Magic has the business savvy and deep connections in Los Angeles to bring the franchise back to respectability.  He has made it known that he wants to own a professional sports team.  Magic sold his minority share of the Lakers to pursue owning and bringing a professional football team to L.A.  I don’t think his lack of baseball knowledge will hurt.  He has a winning track record when it comes to business ventures.

 Whoever comes in has a lot of work to do.  Good thing I’m an Angels fan!


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