If That Isn’t Love

No greater love has ever been or ever will be shown; that a man would die, lay down his life and give it for his friend. –Tommy Walker

Millions around the world today are celebrating Good Friday.  I often wonder if we really exam within ourselves what it means to be a servant like Christ.  With so much anger, bitterness and strife, is it ever a wonder that we have become selfish people? 

Even I hate to admit that I am a selfish person a lot of times.  In my heart of hearts, I want to be like Jesus.  I want to give the best of myself for my fellow man regardless their (or my) circumstance, race or beliefs.  I want to show the love of God like Jesus did. I want to point people to God, not a religion.  Religion and the pious attitudes that go with it have literally killed people’s spirit.  It robs them of their self worth because they think they are unworthy of grace or love. 

Jesus spoke against the Pharisees who were the most religious people of his time.  They were stealing from people and using their stature of a supposed holy office as a disguise.  Not much has changed.  Those who truly follow the example of Christ must do what he did and speak against the religious and show kindness and love to all.

When we get to the heart of Jesus, we see a king so full of love that he became a servant.  Why would anybody leave the wonders of heaven to die for somebody like me?  It must be love.  I can only hope to repay by showing and giving love to all I meet. 

He left the splendor of heaven

Knowing His destiny

Was the lonely hill of Golgotha

There to lay down His life for me

If that isn’t love

The ocean is dry

There’s no stars in the sky

And the sparrows can’t fly

If that isn’t love

Then heaven’s a myth

There’s no feeling like this

If that isn’t love

Dottie Rambo

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