Fun-Filled Day In Santana, Hones!

This is how Jefe used to roll in Santana, hones!

I will not lie, Jefe is pumped for today!  Gonna take a cruise out to the place of my birth, Santana, and see the double OG, tio Sam.  Then, Jefe and his beautiful lady will be meeting up with more familia and friends at the Cinco de Mayo Festival in downtown.  Be sure you make it out there as well.  It will be a great family atmosphere with rides for the kids, food, arts, crafts and MUSICA!  Also, if you didn’t get the set times for the performances of today, they are as follows:

12:00pm    Los Santaneros
   1:00pm    Arturo Sanchez y La Jeraquia
  2:00pm    Banda Estrella Dorada
  3:00pm    Rafaga Norteño
  4:00pm    Ceci Bastida
  5:10pm     M.I.S. Mexican Institute of Sound
  6:30pm    Ozomatli

Be on the look out for Jefe and hit him up.  He’d be more than happy to chop it up with you.  Have a firme day!  L. Jefe has spoken.

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