I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Left Out wrote:

I have a friend who just got a boyfriend and doesn’t plan anything anymore with me. She says since she doesn’t know what she and the bf have planned, she can’t make plans (with me) even if they are within notice and months in advance. What should I do? I don’t like being Plan B.

Left Out, no couple should ever become an island unto themselves .  When that happens, they exclude those who had been closest to them and animosity eventually builds.  They’ll disappear and then when something happens, say a break-up, they’ll wonder where everybody has been.  Tell your amiga that there really is no excuse to not plan anything with you.

Jefe hates to admit there were times he had fallen off the radar when he would get involved with a new mujer.  How did he know?  His crazy Salvadoreña amiga put him in check whenever he became Chuck Norris and went Missing In Action.   There is a big difference, however.  Jefe unintentionally went MIA.  Your amiga hasn’t!

Sad to say but she isn’t even making you an option; you’re not even on the charts!  En serio!  With plenty of opportunities to make plans way in advance, she doesn’t seem like she wants to.  The fact she gave you the excuse that she doesn’t know what she and her boyfriend have planned, is kinda – how should I say…LAME.  Her ass needs to invest in a Day Planner.  Hijole chihuahua!

Again, talk to her and let her know how you feel.  It shouldn’t take much to find or set a date to hang out with a good friend.  If it does, maybe you should think of making plans with other friends.

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One response to “I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

  1. “Left Out” say her friend “just got a boyfriend and doesn’t plan anything anymore with me”
    I’d be curious to know how long is “just”!
    Anyone who has been in a “new” relationship knows there is always a “honeymoon” period.
    If the relationship IS new, “Left Out” should give them a little time/space. If it is several months old, perhaps it is the boyfriend who is “possessive/controlling”.
    Does “Left Out” have a bf? If not, perhaps she’d feel differently if the shoe was on her foot. If she DOES, maybe she should try planning “double date” to be able to see her friend.
    …just a thought. ;)

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