Ozomatli and Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy

Jefe is doing another shameless plug for the homies and special host, Fluffy.

Tune in live at 12:00 PM-2:00 PM PST, May 4th, for a special Red Bull Live Sessions webcast with Ozomatli as they perform a special Quatro De Mayo set of rare cuts at Red Bull Studio Los Angeles.

Join in @redbullstudioLA and ask your questions for the band.  It’s a lot like Ask Jefe but with a lot more vatos…and they answer questions normally about themselves…and they don’t really care too much for handing out advice. On second thought, it’s nothing like Ask Jefe but you could still ask questions and pretend they’re Jefe.  It’s a win/win situation, if only in my head.

Mas info @ http://ozomatli.com/news/joined-by-comedian-fluffy-check-out-our-redbull-livestream-may-4th

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