Cinco de Mayo (USA’s Other Holiday For Drunks)

The battle of Puebla (May 5, 1862) was just a small victory for Mexico over the French.  Then again, who hasn’t won some kind of battle over the French?  They’re the LA Clippers of world powers, but I digress.  Outside of Puebla, hardly anybody celebrates Cinco de Mayo in Mexico.  So why has it been so popular here in the US?  Well, just let Jefe tell you.

When word of the victory at Puebla reached Mexicans that were living in the US (mostly in Califas), they reacted with great joy and subsequently threw parties.  Gabachos saw this and wanted to join in.  Unbeknownst to them, Mexicans find just about any reason to throw a party.  From a baby’s first tooth to cousin Kiko’s big settlement from King Taco after he choked on a burrito;  it’s all the same as major holidays, birthdays, weddings, baptisms and quinceañeras.  

So, getting back to word reaching Mexicans in the US.  Gabachos saw and soon joined in with their festive Mexican friends and neighbors but couldn’t keep up.  It wasn’t just a one time party.  It lasted for weeks!  Eventually, it was the Irish who came up with the idea of celebrating Cinco de Mayo once a year for the gabachos.  They too, like to party and were looking for another holiday to get all pedo besides St. Patricks Day.  Soon, the tradition spread from Califas to other states.

So you see, if it hadn’t been for Mexicans and their partying ways, Cinco de Mayo would not be a big deal in the USA.  You’re welcome America.  Salud!

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