Taj Gibson Posterizes Dwayne Wade

Having been able to get up to throw down in his earlier years, Jefe  appreciates a good slam dunk.  While watching the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals, I literally jumped out of my seat when I saw Taj Gibson bang on Dwayne Wade.  Most dudes who have balled long enough will get yammed on.  It’s part of the game.  There is nothing more electric than seeing a good dunk/facial, especially when it’s on a player who has made quite a living dunking on others.  To make matters worse, Wade fouled Gibson so he got the bucket and one.  Not the homecoming (Chicago native) Wade was hoping for, I’m sure.  This dunk even made my friend, Maria Q (no relation to Stacey Q) say damn!   She don’t even dig sports so you know that was one serious dunk! Serio pedo! 

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