Drop The Elbow! (Macho Man Randy Savage)

Freak out, freak out!  The Macho Man, Randy Savage is on the warpath, oh yeah!” 

Those were the words I always uttered whenever I did my Macho Man impersonation as a kid.  His raspy voice was easy for a lot of us to emulate.  He was one of Jefe’s favorite wrestlers because he gave the best (and funniest) interviews, had a firme hyna (Miss Elizabeth) and he did what a lot of us kids wished we could do – fly through the air.  His passing on Friday, May 20th,  left a hole in the heart of the little vato that resides in Jefe’s alma. 

I became a fan of Randy Savage because he was one of the most athletic wrestlers I had seen. The way he flew off the top ropes had me and other friends climbing on furniture and jumping off trying to imitate his flying elbow.  I’m sure there were many emergency rooms that were full of kids who hurt themselves trying to do a move they saw Macho Man do. 

He wasn’t just a great wrestler, he was a terrific showman.  From his entrance to Pomp and Circumstance, to his outrageous wardrobes, Macho Man was all about flash and entertainment.  His interviews were just as memorable as his matches.  Even my pops would sneak a peek whenever Macho Man wrestled or gave an interview.  It was kind of funny because pops would always remind us that wrestling was fake but would then go on and talk about how great Killer Kowalski and Gorgeous George were. 

While our mothers had their novelas, we had the WWF.  Sure, we knew it was all show but because of wrestlers like Macho Man, a lot of us dreamed about flying and life in the squared circle.  It’s an era that is gone but fondly remembered thanks in part to childhood heroes like Macho Man.  Jefe would normally say Rest in Peace, but knowing Macho Man, he’s probably flying high and putting on a show.  “Oh Yeah!”


2 responses to “Drop The Elbow! (Macho Man Randy Savage)

  1. It’s funny but my sister and I great up watching WWF as well. Macho Man was one of the few that we really enjoyed watching.

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