Looks Like A Mavs/Heat Finals

As the NBA Conference Finals began, I was hoping to see los Bulls and Thunder come out on top.  As a fan, you have to love the thought of Derrick Rose going against Russell Westbrook in the NBA Finals.  They are two of the best point guards playing today.  They are also the new breed – athletic point guards who can jump out of the gym.  Unfortunately, the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat are looking like they’ll be the teams playing in the finals.  Both are playing the best ball.  Here’s a case for why they will meet.

Dallas is playing the best offensive ball of the final teams left right now.  They are scoring in droves and a lot of that has to do with how they share the ball.  Their ball movement on offense is a thing of beauty.  They have the knockdown shooters who will keep defenses honest.  Their point guard, Jason Kidd, is a throwback to PG’s of old; get players involved first, shoot second.  Tyson Chandler has brought a bit of defensive credibility to the team and it has shown.  They aren’t as defensively sound as the Bulls or Heat but Chandler is a great defensive center who also thrives in the pick and roll on offense.  Of course they have probably one of the best players in the game right now in Dirk Nowitzki.  That vato is playing out of his mind right now.  His fade away jump shot ranks right next to Kareem’s skyhook as one of the most difficult shots to defend.  He’s playing the best ball I’ve ever seen him play.  He’s become the closer for Dallas and he trusts his teammates.  You should check into that idea, Kobe.

Miami and Chicago play the best defense but the way los Bulls operate on offense is the deciding factor against them.  Not to take anything away from the Heat but if you shut down D. Rose, you’ve won the battle.  I’d be more interested to see how either the Bulls or Heat would do with a well rounded offense like Dallas’.  The reason why I think Miami will advance is because they have better offensive options.  Chris Bosh is shedding his “soft” persona with consistent play and of course you have players who can create their own shots in Dwayne Wade and Lebron James.  It doesn’t help that their bench is thin but that doesn’t seem to matter as they are getting closer to clinching a finals spot.  James has been taking over late in the games and there’s nobody on Chicago who has checked him so far. 

Unless Chicago or Oklahoma City can right the ship, it looks like Dallas and Miami for the championship.  It will be old fashion offense against old fashion defense.  Should be interesting to watch but I’m still holding out for a Derrick Rose/Russell Westbrook showdown.  My inner Jesse Jackson keeps hope alive.

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