Lakers Hire Mike Brown (En Serio!)

Yesterday, it was reported that Mike Brown would be the new head coach of los Lakers.  Brown, known for being a defensive minded coach, has a lot more to worry about than the Lake Show “D”.  Yes, the Mavericks exposed them as a bad defensive team but there are problems with their offense as well.  The triangle has run its course and Kobe isn’t as dynamic.  You can read my Fear & Loathing in LA to see more on the subject.

My biggest concern with Brown is how he handles a veteran group.  In Cleveland, Lebron James ran things.  He walked all over Brown but a lot of the blame should go to the owner, Dan Gilbert.  That vato let James have his way around the team and organization.  Brown ultimately took the fall but looking back, he really didn’t do a bad job.

For only having one superstar on the team in James, Cleveland played great defense and even had the NBA’s best record in Brown’s final year as coach.  The problem for Cleveland was having James as the only option on offense.  There was no second go to guy to be consistent in putting the ball through the rim.  It’s kind of like what is happening in Chicago with Derrick Rose except Rose has a slightly better supporting cast.  With the Lakers, Brown has the weapons to put points on the board but there needs to be focus on better ball movement and creating better space.  Yes, I’m talking to you Kobe and Gasol!

It should be interesting to see how the team melds next season.  They still need a young and athletic point guard and a better small forward.  They better start looking at younger legs to replace Kobe as well.  He thinks he can still dominate games and nobody on the team, outside of Derrick Fisher, has the pelotas to tell him he can’t; not that Derrick Fisher is any spring chicken either.  Will Brown have the courage to tell Kobe to pass the ball or even sit him when he’s killing the offensive flow?  More importantly, will Kobe and the team buy into his offensive and defensive system?  

Only time will tell if Brown has the ability to lead this team.  I hope the scrutiny doesn’t get to him because it’s not like he’s going to be coaching just any team in any city.  Brown is getting the chance to lead one of the most successful and popular professional sports team in the world.  No pressure.  Good luck, ese!


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