The NBA Finalszzzzzz…

Before this series began, Jefe was looking forward to seeing the two best teams of the playoffs playing for the championship.  What has happened is that two of the very good teams of the regular season are now playing for the championship.  For as well as both the Heat and Mavs played up until the finals, they are mediocre at best at this moment.  There’s been some great plays but overall, the series has been kinda chupi.

Dallas’ offensive flow looks horrible against the Heat.  Give Lebron and company credit for that but a lot of Dallas’ woes are self-inflicted.  The Mavs have been playing tight and it shows.  Peja Stojakovic is shooting so off target that team doctors were prescribing Viagra to see if it would help.  Also, if JJ Barea misses another friggin’ easy layup, they should try drop kicking him through the hoop.

Miami doesn’t look much better running their offense but they have two of the best players in the NBA on their squad so it’s not like they can’t create shots like the Bulls (outside of Derrick Rose).  Defense is their calling card and they get easy points off of turnovers.  The main thing they have going for them that Dallas doesn’t have is better athletes.  Well, they have two of the best athletes in Lebron James and Dwayne Wade.  Still, the series is tied at 2-2.  Dallas must be doing something right.  Que no?

I guess Jefe was expecting better play from both teams.  They both have been underwhelming so far.  Now that the series has become the best of three, we’ll see how it unfolds.  Miami should win the series based on their athletes and defense.  If the old cliche holds true that offense wins games but defense wins championships, then Miami can look forward to a victory parade soon.  That is if they can wake up the fans.

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