The Güey Back Machine: Pro Football In L.A.

‘Member when Los Rams y Los Raiders were still in Southern Califas?  You ‘member!  ‘Member!  Pink cheese Al “The Crypt Keeper” Davis and Georgia “La Puta” Frontiere moved their respective teams and the Los Angeles area hasn’t had a pro team since. 

Now, how many of you ‘member the USFL’s Los Angeles Express?  They had a pretty good quarterback in Steve Young back in the day.  The USFL was a lot like basketball’s ABA – both were very entertaining and had high scores.  Too bad the Express couldn’t sell out the L.A. Coliseum.  They were a competitive bunch but the NFL was and still is king when it comes to pro football.

When Jefe was in junior high, he experienced his first indoor football game.  The league was brand new and the Los Angeles Cobras played in the L.A. Sports Arena.  It was a pretty exciting game; very fast paced.  Unfortunately, the Cobras didn’t last long in the league but it was a great introduction into what is now known as Arena Football.

There is talk of buiding a new pro football stadium to lure a team to Los Angeles. Let’s just hope that whatever team does come, can stay for a long time.

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