What’s Your Intro Music?

Go to any professional sporting event and you are sure to hear some type of music blaring to get the crowd hyped.  You will get some kind of musical production at the beginning of any major sporting event.  It has become the norm. 

Jefe ‘members the Philadelphia 76ers were the first to use music as part of their player introductions in the 80’s.  Soon, a lot of the NBA began doing the same.  For all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and Showtime, the Lakers didn’t succumb to that trend.  The entire Fabulous Forum would break out into a rhythmic clap during the Lakers introduction.  It was cool and sessy.

The 90’s brought the hype machine during introductions as the Chicago Bulls had the best with the Alan Parson Project’s Sirius.  Everything else, paled in comparison.   Basketball wasn’t the only sport to utilize music.

Baseball has used music in a more personalized way.  As a player approaches the plate to hit, a portion of his favorite song is played.  For example, Tori Hunter has the Sanford and Son Theme played as he is introduced to hit.  Mariano Rivera of the Yankees, has Enter Sandman by Metallica played as he enters the game for a save opportunity.  Trevor Hoffman (now retired) had AC/DC’s Hells Bells played as he entered the game. 

Jefe got to thinking – what would be his intro music/song?  With a plethora of music to choose from, he had a hard time deciding.  Since a tiny portion of music is played during an at bat, Jefe would have to go with the opening of Bulls On Parade by Rage Against The Machine; next at bat would be the intro of Buddy by De La Soul and another at bat would have the intro of Como Ves by Ozomatli.  Closers like Mariano and Hoff get the whole song so if Jefe were a closer, he would go with another Rage song – Renegades Of Funk.  That song’s intro is pretty bad-ass with the opening line, “No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop us now!”  I’m surprised a closer hasn’t used that one already.

So, what would your intro music be?


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