Jeter, Women’s Soccer & The Canos

I’m a huge fan of Derek Jeter for no other reason than the simple fact that he has always played the game the right way – with integrity and heart.  He’s what is right with baseball and sports in general.  I was extremely disappointed he didn’t show up for the All-Star Game but that’s  different story.  By the way, he should have gone. Willie Mays said it best: I was voted into twenty-four All-Star games and I showed up twenty-four times.  Enough said.

Jefe gets sidetracked, despensa.  Anywados, Jefe knows the significance of reaching 3,000 hits and the Yankee captain reached it in style: he hit  home run.  That vato has had so many great moments, it’s almost become routine for him to do amazing things.  Just when you think that you have seen amazing,  a group of women representing our country in soccer steal the spotlight.

Now, Jefe has never been a big follower of soccer but he was transfixed to his TV when team USA played Brazil.  The drama that unfolded before and after Abby Wambach’s header was stuff of legend.  The Brazilians are a great team but they were being helped by taking dives and referees who seemed to be on the take.  When things seemed the bleakest, our girls showed what the American spirit is all about and overcame adversity.  Great job, ladies!

The biggest winner to me, however, is the wonderful setting of the Home Run Derby.  Don’t get me wrong, I hate the new format and Chris Berman’s mindless dribble.  What made Jefe somewhat emotional was Robinson Cano’s father pitching to him during the contest.  What kid that grew up playing baseball can’t relate to that?  There is nothing more beautiful than a father and son playing catch or having a batting practice session. 

Baseball will always be one of the best things about life to Jefe.  It is a game that brings fathers and sons together in ways that are magical.  Yes, Jeter’s 3,000th hit was special and the woman’s soccer team had a game for the ages; but the beauty of a father and son sharing a moment that many have had and continue to have is worth its weight in gold. 



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