Comic Con – Halloween’s Dress Rehearsal

Believe it or not, Jefe always looks forward to Comic Con.  The annual nerd convention draws thousands from around the world; most often in exquisite costume.  Women have seemingly taken their love for dressing slutty…er, uh – dressing up to a whole new level.  Comic Con has become the dress rehearsal for Halloween. 

Not that Jefe is complaining but this years crop of nerdy hynas haven’t lived up to some of the ones in the past.  Below, you will find some of this years Comic Con Hynas mixed in with some from the past.  Honestly, Jefe has no clue about some of the characters that are being represented.  Jefe has taken a cue from his comic-loving readers and decides that fantasy world is pretty cool…even if it’s only for a weekend in San Diego.

You can never really go wrong with Princess Leia from Return Of The Jedi.  When Jefe was eight and saw Leia in Jabba The Hut’s lair – space bikini and in chains, he hit puberty. 

I really have no idea what comic or movie these two are representing and much like the nerds that flock to comic con, Jefe doesn’t really care.  Just another proof that women look for any kind of excuse to dress slutty and have guys gawk at them.  Thank God for low self-esteem!

America, F’ Yeah!  There will always be a special place in Jefe’s heart for Wonder Woman; most notably, Linda Carter.  Ay mamacita!  You couldn’t pry little Jefe from the TV when Wonder Woman was on.  These two pay homage but the one in the background looks a little upset.  Some wear the costume a little better, I guess.  No need to hate.

This joker (actually Riddler) has his hands full with these hynas.  Looks like a newer version of Wonder Woman is next to him.  Next to WW, appears to be Poison Ivy.  Rounding out the group is some kind of  hooker who obviously went to the wrong convention.

This is what happens when Disney meets Trailer Trash.  Life lesson: Stay away from cheap booze and carga; your body and our eyes thank you.



Here are a few of the best from past Comic Cons.  As you will see, they are a few notches above this years crop.  Jefe is not complaining so don’t get it twisted.  Enjoy yo’self, it’s a celebration! 

The description for this hyna was Hot Patch.  To be honest, Jefe didn’t even know she was wearing a patch to begin with.

Rikku is a character from some video game, I think.  Not that Jefe cares for that matter.

Jefe would definitely read this character’s comic.  She is a comic character, right?




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