The Ballad of Amy Winehouse

Jefe has had two friends tell him straight out, “I’m an addict.”  Those very frank and sincere admissions and the talks that ensued changed Jefe and the way he thought about people who struggle with addiction.  You see, Jefe thought people with addictions were weak-minded and had no self-control.  It may sound cliché but it is true, addiction is a disease. 

When the news of Amy Winehouse reached Jefe, he wasn’t surprised in the sense of being judgemental or condescending.  No, he just knew that her time was finally up.  Addicts live on borrowed time.  We all do, really.  It’s just that their time is slightly accelerated. 

My heart breaks for the family and friends of Miss Winehouse because I know that it could have been my friends or even family.  Beyond the talent that was ravaged, there was a song that was re-written.  It is a song that has so many verses it will probably never be finished.  They are different verses but yet they share a truth of life and death.  It’s up to the person who writes their verse to change the tune and lyrics in order to give themselves a chance at living.  All we can do is hope and pray and maybe just like Jefe learned, listen.  It might not change the addict but it will at least show them that somebody cares.  Maybe that will be the strength they need to give them the impetus to change and heal.  Rest in peace, Amy.


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