The NCAA: Need Cash Always Association

Jefe has had it with the monopoly that is the NCAA.  Let’s be real here.  The only reason the NCAA exists is to make sure major colleges and universities keep making money and they don’t ever want to kill that cash cow.  Here’s where the biggest problem lies: The two biggest sports under the NCAA are football and basketball and the powers that be are in collusion with those two sports professional leagues, the evil four letter station (ESPN) and money hungry universities.

The reason there is no NCAA football championship is money.  Why do you think there are so many crappy bowl games at the end of the year?  Every major sport represented by the NCAA has a playoff.  Hell, every football division save division 1 has a playoff. 

The reason why the NCAA basketball tournament is expanding is money.  Outside of football, college basketball (especially during March Madness) garners so much money that every network wants a piece of the action.

Don’t get Jefe started on how the NCAA “polices” their student-athletes.  That in itself is a joke.  You hear of all kinds of scandals involving pay for play athletes in football and basketball but hardly any in say, lacrosse or tennis.  Why is that?  Because football and basketball are big business and they rake in dollars for universities in the millions.

The mess that is going on in places like USC, Ohio State and Miami is really nothing new.  Terrell Pryor jerseys have brought in over 20 million dollars to Ohio State.  Does Pryor see a cut of that money?  “Oh but he gets a free  education”…ok, does that add up to the amount of money he brought to the university?  CHALE!  Jefe is not saying education isn’t important but when you got all of these athletes getting paid or looking to get paid, which is an NCAA violation (mind-boggling I know), you have to wonder who is policing the police.

You know what sport pays its players the most?  It’s not football nor is it basketball.  Baseball falls second to soccer.  Yes soccer.  European clubs pay kids as early as seven years old to join their training academies.  Golfers can go pro as early as 16; tennis players turn pro as early as 15; baseball players as early as 17.  So why do football and basketball players have to wait?  Football and basketball don’t have developmental leagues and most important, universities would lose out on the millions (if not billions) of dollars college football and basketball generate.

Jefe doesn’t have all the answers for fixing college football or basketball but why not let kids choose their own path.  If they want to play in the NFL or NBA, let them.  Set a hard rookie cap and after four years (in which would have been spent in college) you pay them according to their progress and growth.  I guarantee you that you will see kids discouraged from making the jump to pros when they see how hard it is.  Yes, there is the occasional Kobe, Garnett and Lebron that actually make it but you gotta kill the monopoly that the NCAA has and the hypocrisy of their “virtue through academics and athletics.”  Somebody is getting paid and often than not, it’s the NCAA.  Jefe calls BS on those pendejos, boosters, corporations, networks (especially the evil 4-ESPN), and greedy universities.

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