Sade & John Legend – Sensations At Staples

Ever since Jefe was a little vato, he has maintained a huge crush on Sade and her music.  What’s not to like about Sade?  She has a natural beauty that is genuine inside and out.  She is extremely sessy without trying.  Her smooth and silky voice hides an incredible range and the way she moves/dances…make you wanna say, Sha-Damn!

Before Jefe continues with his Sade tangent, he must first give his utmost respects to John Legend.  Jefe can admit that he really wasn’t a fan of John Legend.  That all changed after his performance on Saturday.   With an incredible band that featured a terrific horn section and back up singers that would have made Motown session singers proud, John Legend brought forth a soulful and energetic vibe.  It was a performance that beckons veterano’s memories of Marvin Gaye in that is was top-tier musicianship.

Introducing  a new song, Dreams, Jefe was captivated by the pure emotion that poured from Legend’s fingertips onto his piano and the conviction of which he sang.  Lyrically, it is one of the most beautiful songs Jefe has heard.  (Jefe knows love songs, believe that!)  Musically, its beauty is in its simplicity; absolutely gorgeous.  Jefe was a full-blown convert from there on out.

After Legend’s set, Jefe couldn’t stand the anticipation of seeing Sade.  Besides his affection for Sade, Jefe is a huge fan of bassist, Paul Spencer Denman.  Denman has such great feel and his fantastic driving rhythms are staples of Sade’s most famous songs. 

Sade took to the stage and at 52, she puts most 22 year olds to shame.  Sha-Damn, she fine!  She floats around the stage with a sessy ease and grace.  There’s nothing pretentious about this amazing woman.  She pours her heart and soul into each song and teases the crowd with her amazing vocal range.  The sheer humility of which she operates is so refreshing to see that you can’t help but fall deeper in love with her.

Sade and John Legend had tremendous sets that left people not only longing for more, but realizing we witnessed what is missing in most of today’s music: pure musicianship done with class, style and grace.  True beauty still exists in artists and their music.





3 responses to “Sade & John Legend – Sensations At Staples

  1. Unfortunately I would have loved to go to that but no boyfriend or man friend that would be worthy of going to a concert like that. That’s not something you take your homegirl to unless she is a “homegirl” sooo I just play my Sade & John Legend CD and pretend.

  2. That’s when you get a guy interested enough to buy you the tickets (preferably about a month or two before the show) and then about a week or two after the gig, you just give him the old, “it’s you, not me” bomb. Know how to work it girl!

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