Meet Chata

Flaunting your ignorance and foolishly excusing it as being opinionated only means you have yet to learn the value of silence and thinking things through.  –L. Jefe


3 responses to “Meet Chata

  1. Wholly SH!!!!T you nailed it again.

    I was out on a date and somehow we got to talking about kids. The guy I was out with seemed to think that once kids go off to college you are free from parenthood. I simply reminded him that what happens if your child (general terms) decided to go to college in state??? His reply was: They can live on campus. My reply what if you can’t afford for them to live on campus when they are going to an in state college and live a few blocks or 30 min away? Financial Aid, scholarships and loans only go so far.

    My thing to him was just because you were privileged enough to have someone pay for you to go away and live in the dorms and fill your bank account with money for spending doesn’t mean other kids have that same privilege. He went on to justify on why he made the comment, telling me well it’s because I was spoiled and I had people who could do that for me etc..etc…I promptly stopped him and said he didn’t need to explain just by the comment he made I could tell he was spoiled/privileged and then tells me “No let me explain why I am spoiled and the comment I made though” I tried to politely tell him you don’t need to explain your story because, I didn’t care what your story is. There is no need, you conceded the point that you were spoiled and I don’t need the story behind why you are privileged. Someone who is or was not privileged would have never made a comment like that and then try to justify it.

    My point is this…. I tried to tell him that it might be a good idea to think before he speaks because your are always in the habit of having to explain yourself and your comments. It takes just a few seconds to think that maybe not everyone has had your upbringing or were lucky to have people to spoil them like you did. He was still trying to grasp the concept on why I didn’t need to hear is explanation. I am pretty sure he didn’t get the lesson of THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!

    Another one of Queen’s pet peeves is people not thinking before they speak or not choosing their words carefully. It’s all in the delivery people. Sometimes there are two words to choose from that can still get your point across, one with negative connotations and the other with neutral connotations. If you don’t learn this skill you will always be apologizing to people and having to explain yourself.

  2. Oh by the way…needless to say after the movie I went home Immediately!!! And have not gone out with him since. I can’t help someone who is 30 years old on how to navigate through life this should be a concept that is already acquired. I learned it when I was a young teen (thanks Mom!) When you are in your mid 20’s and up…there is just no hope! So ladies and gentlemen if you come across this person RUN!!! RUN!! RUN FOREST RUN!!!

  3. I’m quickly becoming a fan of YOURS! I think you need to join Jefe in the blogoshpere and give the gente some genuine Queen clecha! That tool you were talking to must be young. There is wisdom in age. Not always but for the most part – yes.

    It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you are on in a discussion if you don’t actually LISTEN to the other person. A lot of people are guilty of “inner monologue complex” in which they are so bent on trying to prove a point and make themselves seem right that they don’t give the other person respect by just listening and processing their thoughts or perspectives. I could go on for days about that subject but I think I might leave it for a new post.

    I have learned, through the years, that I need to be quick to think and slower to speak. It was a battle for the longest time because my familia are a bunch of quick witted/smart asses who tend to speak before we think. Do I have it down perfect? Chale! I do, however, make a more conscientious effort to try and listen before speaking. It gets tough sometimes but silence truly is golden especially when dealing with pendejos!

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