You Are Now Free To Move About The Internet

Just Wondering wrote:

Last week, when I flew, the flight crew guy caught my attention and I think maybe I did a little. I found him on Facebook when I looked up his employer (airline) and I wanted to know if it would come across as weird (stalker) if I add him on Facebook.

J-Dub, let me answer your question with a few questions.  Would you think it weird if somebody looked you up through social media (like Facebook) and then added you on said site?  Would you consider that person to be a stalker or weirdo?  Would you ever consider streaking at the Super Bowl on a dare?  OK, that last one was just testing to see if you were still reading.

With technology being the way it is, everything (and I do mean everything) is just a short click away.  It doesn’t help that TV shows like CSI, NCSI, & Magnum PI, have everybody thinking they can be super sleuths.  I applaud your enthusiasm but you might want to slow your roll.

Does it seem weird or creepy?  Yeah, a little bit but that’s the age in which we live in.  Here’s the biggest problem I see.  By “friending” him on Facebook, you opened yourself to a total stranger.  Let’s just say he accepts you on FB – then what?  What if he is a total creep?  What if he starts stalking you?  Then again, he might just be a total gentleman.  He might just be a really sweet guy.  It’s a double-edged sword.

Seems you already set the wheels in motion so I suggest you proceed with caution.  It’s a crazy world out there and even crazier on the internet.  If I might so suggest – next time you actually see somebody (en vivo) you’re attracted to, try saying “hello”.  I know it’s a foreign concept in today’s world but it might just make things easier.

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2 responses to “You Are Now Free To Move About The Internet

  1. Jefe
    You hit the nail on the head. No One knows how to actually interact with people anymore. I have meet a few people and they haven’t tried to contact me through social network yet (Thank GOD!) but the first thing out of their mouth is I’ll give you a text later..…Umm for real dogg???? I know you can talk you just did it! How people are supposed to get to know each other if no one talks face to face anymore??? People can be anyone they want to be over a computer or phone. You don’t get to judge facial expressions, body language you know the little things that would throw up the red flag and say WEIRDO!!!

    This brings me to my next pet peeve about all this technology; NO ONE knows how to deal with an actual human being anymore! And because of this on one knows how to speak to people properly, what’s appropriate for an adult, your friend, your parents, an adult in a position of power etc…This could go on forever on how people don’t know how to interact anymore because of technology but I think I have made my point.

  2. Wow, I think I need to make a special section just for you and we’ll call it Queen D’s Daily Etiquette. I feel ya on the whole impersonal tip. Hell, even in today’s environment, people won’t even make eye contact if you’re walking down the street.

    I remember on my Mexican in Europe World Tour, I would smile at complete strangers and for the most part, they would smile back. Europeans seem to be more at ease with themselves and in turn are easy with you/us. Sadly, a lot of Europe has gotten “Americanized” and are just as arrogant and self centered as we Yanks.

    Getting back to the point at hand (after that rabbit trail), technology has made it easy for people to be mindless clones who think they actually have personality. It’s a sad commentary of the state of the world we live in.

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