Mid-Day Music Break: Double Dose of Dave

Dave Matthews Caravan

Musically and lyrically, Dave Matthews is near the top of Jefe’s favorite artists.  If you’ve never attended a Dave Matthews Band or a solo gig, Jefe highly suggests it.  In the immortal words of Ferris Bueller: It’s so choice.  Both songs are extremely meaningful to Jefe, especially in light of recent loss.  The first song, Grace is Gone, is such a beautifully tragic song that one can become hypnotized by the chorus and melody.  Many can relate to this tale and if you can’t, Jefe doubts you have ever loved…or a pulse.

So this next song is a cover of a Daniel Lanois classic.  Some of you may know Mr. Lanois as the great producer of hits by U2 and other artists.  It’s hard to impress Jefe with a cover but Dave and the maestro, Tim Reynolds, not only impress but blow Jefe away.  It’s a very spiritual song and it’s as if the Radio City Music Hall transformed into a cathedral if but for just this one moment.  At times we may lose our way but what comfort to know we’re not strangers in the hands of God.  Here’s the beauty and majesty that is The Maker.


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