You Are Not Alone

NotAloneIn The Unquenchable Worshiper, Matt Redman tells of a night leading worship in Norway.  During his set, he felt impressed to sing Michael Jackson’s You Are Not Alone.  He began fighting with himself as to whether he should sing a pop song in the middle of worship.  After fumbling around his guitar to figure out the chords, he nervously sang the song.  In what seemed like hours (when in actuality it was a few minuets), he finished the song and thought nothing more of it.  Afterwards, as he was talking with a group of people, a girl came up to him in tears.  She had come to the service very downtrodden, crying and asking God all the way why he had left her.  She told God that he needed to show her that she was not alone. When Matt began singing, “You are not alone, I am here with you”, she knew that God not only heard her prayer but he answered in a very tangible way.

Seems (lately) like every book that Jefe has been reading or every message he listens to has the same theme: Life is not meant to be done alone.  God cares very much about our life.  He will place people along our path to lend a helping hand, or an ear to listen or even a shoulder to cry on.  Sometimes a book, message or a song, any song, can bring encouragement and much needed joy.  How many times do we neglect the obvious because we allow pain or even pride to blind us?

Take advantage of the gifts that are around us.  You’ll see that you are not alone.  Take what you need and be sure to give a little bit to somebody else.  A smile, hug, encouraging word or a song can go a long way.


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