Mid-Day Music Break: Nothing Compares 2U


Recently, Jefe was talking with some of  his Ruiz primos about music and Chris Stapleton in particular. It wasn’t until he looked him up that he remembered hearing this tribute to Prince shortly after he died. Now for those that know Jefe, they know he can be somewhat unkind to people who cover other artists songs. However, Jefe was mesmerized by the soul and strength in which Mr. Stapleton sang Nothing Compares 2U. Jefe may not like some of the “new country” but thanks to Chris Stapleton, he has a new hope for not only that genre but music itself.


Prince & The Passion Of Purpose


As 2016 draws to a close I can’t help but reflect on so much and upon the lives of people that have impacted mine, especially at a tender age. I know that it’s been eight months since Prince has passed but it still stings my soul. I was just a little boy when I first heard his music. I didn’t consciously know who he was until I was in the 4th grade. That’s when Purple Rain came out. But this is not a tribute or an act of redundancy. What can I possibly say that hasn’t already been said about the man?

Gifts and talents are placed inside each and every one of us. Some, like in the old parable, hide them and are afraid to use them. Others, wisely, use what is given and use them to the best of their ability. When I think of Prince, I think of a person who used every bit of God-given talent and ability. There’s a legendary honor in that. There’s a celestial respect given that makes history resonate with a melody of his music. It’s a melody that has it’s genesis in everything that pushes greatness. Passion. Not passion as we think but a passion of purpose.

Prince was designed to be a musician and music was his passion. Music was his purpose. There’s countless stories from seasoned musicians who were put to shame by the genius that was Prince. He played many instruments and he played them exceedingly well. Prince practiced and/or played music every day. Think about that. Really. I’ll give you a moment or two. There’s a vault of countless music that he recorded that has yet to be released. Will we ever see/hear it? To be honest, I could care less. The point of the matter is, he lived his life with a passion for his purpose.

How many of us are living our purpose? Are we merely existing? Do we have that fire to do the thing(s) that was given us? You may not think you have a talent but don’t let that deny the world of the gift that is you. If it’s been a while since you used your gift/talent take heart, it’s never too late to start again. This crazy, sick, old world needs musicians, poets, story tellers, encouragers, helpers, listeners…anything that brings light to our fellow man.

I implore you to dig deep and light the fire of passion for your purpose. It’s your gift to the world. We all need a reminder of passion for our purpose Maybe some day someone will write a story, a thought or a song about you and the passion of purpose of which you lived. A purpose of passion that encouraged a weary soul to seek the best in themselves. Leave no doubt that you are living a life with passion for your purpose. The world needs reminders every day.

*For Esperanza/Hope in all of us