Praise & Worship (The Remix)

I often wonder if we were to change old (and not so old) praise and worship songs to fit today’s “modern” church service – would they sound/look like this?

Come, Now Is The Time To Worship: Come, Now Is The Time To Watch Worship
We Exalt Thee: We Have 15 Minutes To Exalt Thee
Holy Spirit Thou Art Welcome In This Place: Holy Spirit Thou Art Welcome In This Place But Please Don’t Convict Us To Righteousness
Here I Am To Worship: Here I Am To Be Entertained
Lord Let Your Glory Fall: Lord Let Your Glory Fall But Not Right Now Because We’re Seeker Friendly and Good With The Status Quo

There’s a hollowness in many churches all around our country today because they rather entertain than enter in. They rather grow their church exponentially but not teach them (especially newly saved) about the power they now have in Jesus to actually keep them. Worse yet, there are those who have been saved many years and are completely content in mediocrity and don’t believe in miracles any more. We’ve become ineffective not because we lack love but because we lack conviction and zeal. We do a piss-poor job of growing spiritually because it might stretch us out of our comfort zone. So we go through the motions like zombies. Let’s wake up. Let’s be real about ourselves and our struggles. Let’s be real in knowing we need a savior and not just His love and grace but His life-changing power. Let’s see a true revival. It starts with us. Ironically, we must borrow from an old song and say: I don’t want to be, I don’t want to be a casual Christian.



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