Of Mountains, Mustard Seeds…& Land of The Lost?


“Have you prayed for something big or small? How long did you have to wait, or did the answer ever come at all? Words are mere expressions of thought, and nothing more. Believing is what really counts my friend, and faith is what unlocks the door.”

No truer words have been spoken as those from the song Prayer Is The Key To Heaven, Faith Unlocks The Door. I used to think I was a person of faith having been raised in the church. Life has a funny way of making an innocent child grow cynical. Funnier yet is how God chooses to show up and remind you that he listens and answers in marvelous ways.

My family moved from Santa Ana to Corona when I was small but my dad still worked in Orange and we’d go visit my grammita in Santana almost every weekend. I loved the drives to and from on the 91 freeway. A big reason why was because of the rolling hills and mountains along the way. There was a particular group of mountains that reminded me of some that I would see on my favorite TV show, Land Of The Lost. For those that don’t know, Land Of The Lost was a show about a family that was transported back in time to the dinosaur age. Every time we drove past those mountains I’d imagine there were dinosaurs or dinosaur bones in them. Silly I know but I had a very vivid imagination.

It was around this time I had learned in Sunday school about what it means to have faith. One of my favorite lessons was when Jesus told his disciples about having the faith of a mustard seed and that we could say to a mountain move and it shall be done. I figured that I’m already small and that would help play into the size of my faith. Oh the mind of a child! I was ready to put my faith to the test. I figured if Jesus said it then it can happen!

One day we went to pick up my Jefito from work in our 75 periwinkle and maroon Toyota Celica. Hey, that was a cool ride back in the day. Anyways, as my mom was driving I was looking out the backseat window at my dinosaur mountains. I built up all the faith my tiny self could muster and under my breath I looked at those mountains and I said, “In Jesus name, move!” I could feel my eyes grow like saucers as I waited to see what would happen next. Then pow, bam, boom…nothing! Well, I guess I didn’t have enough faith. So that was that. I would forget about this moment for almost twenty years.

Fast forward and I’m in my early twenties. It’s a late Friday night and I’m driving home from Irvine. As I’m driving along a stretch of the 91 I hear “look to your right”. I glance over and see that construction has begun on what would become the 241 Toll Road. In that instant I realize my dinosaur mountain is gone! Up until that moment I had all but forgotten about it. I was overcome with emotion. I didn’t have any pressing needs or wants at that time but God saw fit to show me that He heard the prayer and saw the faith of a little boy and oh how He answered. Now I know some of you will be thinking, “come on Jefe, construction workers moved that mountain”. You know, God will use normal circumstances to bring about supernatural events.

I forget how much later, construction was completed and the 241 Toll Roads opened. I was sharing with some kids I had been mentoring and a friend, Brett, about what I had prayed as a child and how my dinosaur mountain had been moved. Brett asked why I called it my dinosaur mountain and I explained how I loved Land Of The Lost and that I’d imagine dinosaur bones being in them. His eyes widened and his jaw drops. He tells me, “You know I worked on the construction of that”. He then proceeds to tell me that they had to halt construction because they discovered dinosaur bones!

I don’t know what you’re facing or praying for today. I do know that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. If he said it, believe it. Have faith to move your mountain. He’ll answer you and it might be in a way and in a timing you might not be expecting but his timing is perfect and his love is marvelous!




2 responses to “Of Mountains, Mustard Seeds…& Land of The Lost?

  1. Nice article my friend!  God always knows what we need to hear and when we need to hear it.  Hope you are doing well. -Vannessa

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  2. I love this story and your faith. God answers prayers in different ways and when we least expect. In his own time and his own way.

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