Blades of Steel


Jefe digs hockey especially live and in person.  Funny for those that know his past but Jefe doesn’t really dig the fighting.  It’s probably a good thing because today’s Jefe-ism reflects his thoughts had he been able to play hockey and in the NHL.

It’s unfathomable to Jefe that all these vatos in the NHL that are fighting and none of them have the common sense to use the fierros strapped on their feet.  If Jefe were to get in some chingasos on the ice, somebody’s getting cut…repeatedly.

 -L. Jefe




Hiccup: Term used to describe an old, beat-up truck that is owned by a Gabacho.   -L. Jefe

Meet Chata

Flaunting your ignorance and foolishly excusing it as being opinionated only means you have yet to learn the value of silence and thinking things through.  –L. Jefe