Mid-Day Music Break: Nothing Compares 2U


Recently, Jefe was talking with some of  his Ruiz primos about music and Chris Stapleton in particular. It wasn’t until he looked him up that he remembered hearing this tribute to Prince shortly after he died. Now for those that know Jefe, they know he can be somewhat unkind to people who cover other artists songs. However, Jefe was mesmerized by the soul and strength in which Mr. Stapleton sang Nothing Compares 2U. Jefe may not like some of the “new country” but thanks to Chris Stapleton, he has a new hope for not only that genre but music itself.

Midnight Music Break: Sleeping To Dream



Throwing everybody for a loop with the first Midnight Music Break.  I thought it apropos to have a Jason Mraz penned song about sleeping and dreaming.  As a lyricist (as well as a singer and musician), I hold Mr. A-Z in highest of regard.   The way he structures a song and the way he delivers it can be both simplistic and beautifully complicated, especially with the help of one Toca Rivera and his amazing vocals.  Enjoy.  “…I don’t mind”

Mid-Day Music Break: Paradigm

In keeping with today’s post about life’s shifts, how wonderful to know that no matter what happens in life, God never fails.  Stand strong in the knowledge that He will never leave or forsake you. You may fail others.  Others may fail you. God is always there with loving hands wide open saying “I am the same today and forever”.

Mid-Day Music Break: Here Comes The Sun

LosBeatlesThose that know Jefe, know his affinity for los Beatles knows no bounds.  They also know he is a snob when it comes to covers/remakes of classic songs.

Jefe may have the worst of days but if he hears, Here Comes The Sun, his day automatically gets brighter (pun intended).  This beautiful version of said song is wonderful in so many ways.  If you live under a rock and never heard Here Comes The Sun, then you would not know the song is about hope and optimism.  What better place to play such song than an unemployment office.  I think people may miss the symbolic gesture when viewing the first time.  I shared this video with a friend and it went over her head.  That’s OK.  Funny, but OK.

On this Good Friday, be blessed to know that love still conquers all.  There is a hope in knowing that death could not hold him down.  The power of his love is still available to us all.  Look, here comes the son!

Mid-Day Music Break: I’m Still In Love With You


New Edition is one of the most underrated musical groups of all-time.  When they hit the scene back in the day, a lot of OGs were reminded of The Temptations and the groups of yesteryear that incorporated precision dance moves with incredible singing.  Often times, people forget just how good these guys could sing.  On this Valentine’s Day, be reminded and let your love know that you’re still in love.  Enjoy this song featuring Ralph and Ricky.